December 10, 2018

Kim Kardashian shocked followers in 2014 when she uploaded a pic of her face covered with her own blood on Instagram. A Derma pen with 9 needles was used to permeate her face and distribute her own blood so as to replenish her skin. Also, referred to as micro-needling, the main idea behind the method is to prompt elastin and collagen fibres to make the skin softer. Although the same approach is still used today, less painful and extreme variations of the method are used.

Enter the Lyapko face roller: Offering a very effective, non-invasive and friendly method of rejuvenating your skin, Lyapko face roller is a mini roller covered with tiny needles to gently prick facial skin. Though it resembles mini torture equipment, it is not painful and works miracles when it comes to fading fine lines, evening skin tone and clearing acne scars when used appropriately.

The science behind the face needle roller is that when you a user creates micro-wounds in his or her skin, the body works naturally to repair the wounds by triggering production of collagen. The hormone helps minimize acne scars, fine lines, improve skin tone and reduces age spots.

What is a Lyapko Face roller?

This microneedle face roller is mainly used to counter a wide array of skin ailments including acne. It has a roller with hundreds of tiny and fine needles on the surface on one end and a comfortable handle on the other. They come in different sizes and are fairly inexpensive. Just make sure you buy one from Lyapko-shop. com (reliable and trusted) and make sure it is sterilized before you use it to avoid infections.

Uses of a face roller

Although the microneedle face roller was initially used to enhance collagen production for skin rejuvenation and treating facial scars by dermatologists, in 2018 you can purchase one and use it at home. Actually, it has become very popular in the USA as a DIY home treatment for enhancing skin appearance and many people use it to treat:

  • Wrinkles
  • Fine lines
  • Loss of skin firmness
  • Reduce pore size or production of sebum if the skin is oily
  • Stretch marks

How to use a face roller

Still not sure of how to use a face roller? Well, don’t panic; follow the following steps when using a microneedle face roller at home for the first time:

  • Remove the face roller from the container
  • Sterilize it with warm water or an alcohol solution
  • Prepare your skin for the treatment with saline wash or an antiseptic
  • Now, hold your skin and then taught roll over every section of the face.

Once diagonally, once side to side and once up and down. Don’t forget to treat these 5 important sections in turn:

  • Right lower cheek and under eye
  • Left lower cheek and under eye
  • Top left of cheek and forehead
  • Top right of cheek and forehead
  • Around your mouth

Immediately after

Right after face rolling your face is going to be as red as beet, but don’t worry, this is momentary. The redness should go away in less than 60 minutes. This depends on how aggressive you use the face needle roller and how sensitive your facial skin is. Your skin may also have some sun burn and feel a bit tight, but this temporary too. Sheet mask after the process with a high quality serum to calm and soothe the redness. And don’t forget to sterilize your Lyapko face roller and allow it to dry after use.

When should you use face roller

Now that you know how to use a face roller, when should you roll it? There is no right time to use this handy tool but the recommended time is at night so as to give your skin time to repair. Although the micro wounds will heal in less than an hour, doing at night ensures your skin gets enough rest. Also avoid exercise, makeup and hot showers for at least a day after because you don’t want to irritate your wounded skin.


  • Don’t share your face needle roller with anybody else for hygiene reasons
  • Don’t use the face needle roller on infected skin, moles, eczema, rosacea, active acne and irritated skin
  • Trade carefully when rolling around your eyes. Don’t roll higher than the cheekbones unless you are using one of your hands to pull the skin away and the other one to roll. Also don’t use the microneedle face roller on eyelids as the skin there is very thin and sensitive.
  • Keep the face roller away from any contaminated surfaces. Always store it in the case.

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