January 14, 2021

There are no such things as the best place to meditate because you can do it, anywhere and everywhere. As long it is safe to do so.

The practice of mindfulness doesn’t require a peaceful setting. And while it may be easier to connect to stillness in an idyllic location or in a spot that’s devoid of sound, it’s not necessary. The truth is, you can meditate anywhere that’s safe and comfortable — from your bed, on your porch, even during your afternoon stroll.

The important is your commitment to the practice itself, not the setting.
If you can't find a perfect place or a quiet spot to meditate it's okay do not limit yourself.

Here are some tips on setting up a meditation spot:

Limit further distractions by turning your phone on to do disturb mode, whichever setting you choose.

Timing is important when it comes to meditations. Find the timing where your home is quieter at certain times of the day.

Avoid the busiest areas of your home. Pick somewhere you're less likely to be disturbed.

Meditation aims to eliminate all the trace of your noise. You can try integrating sounds into your practice. You can use some Mat to make your help comfortable while doing your meditation. Lyapko Acupuncture Big Mat can help you relax while doing meditation and it helps you ease pain in your body.

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