May 01, 2019

You need some long-term solutions with long-lasting benefits.

If you believe in some natural forms of alternative healing and progressive benefits, you should consider the acupressure mat. It is based on ancient Chinese forms of medicine.


Acupressure mats have increasingly become popular around the planet. It is becoming a reliable tool, which gives the user the benefits at home. Most of the alternatives are made from cotton and other materials such as plastic acupuncture. So what does an acupressure mat really do? They come in high density to act as a bed of nails on a Lyapko. Although they seem simple and straightforward, amateurs may take time to learn.

There are many people who are still concerned about puncturing their skin. However, your skin will be merely stimulated by acupressure. The logic is; the weight of your body is spread over the mat so that you will not be putting pressure on any of the pins. This means you will not be worried about piecing your skin. It may be hard to believe this it at first until you actually do it. This technique can be used on different parts of your body including hands and feet.

The Basics

There has been little research and assessment of the accurate effectiveness of acupressure to date. Although it is continually used for treating diseases and chronic conditions, there is no definite response defined. Remember to take precaution and avoid using this technique when pregnant. Other risky conditions include cardiovascular challenges, blood pressure, skin infections, and open wounds.

How it Works

The acupressure mat uses the same principals as reflexology, which has a long history of eastern medicine. Acupuncture and acupressure stem from this ideology. There are two main explanations of how the mat works.

  1. Novice Stimulating

Using a mat with many pins, like over 6,000 points in most of the mats raises the chances of novice stimulation. This phenomenon means that you stand to gain similar benefits as a professional session. Although the mat does not give you targeted healing of specific points on your body, it has the same effect across the spectrum

  1. Stimulating Blood flow

The second explanation of how it works is based on the increase of blood flow stimulated by the mat. For example, the first time, you use it, it may be uncomfortable. However, as the thousands of points dig into your skin, the pressure increases blood flow around your body. You need to give it time before you experience the full potential of the pins. After a few minutes, your back will get warm, as your muscles relax. The increased circulation and relaxation are expected to help heal you more.

The Benefits acupressure mats give to the users

Perhaps the biggest benefit would be that it can be used on anyone (except the pregnant and people with heart-related diseases). Most importantly, the acupressure mats are cost-effective and a cheaper option to provide many people with daily treatment. This means they will be free from professional appointments and guide their own healing process. The mats, therefore serve as supplements or substitutes to acupuncture appointments.

Many people have given testimonials of huge health benefits from continuous acupressure sessions. Since the mats cause the muscles to relax, the entire body relaxes. As the body releases the tension, it eliminates sores in muscles and relieves muscle tension. This brings ultimate back relief and rids neck pain. You may also use it for other parts of the body as well.

Using the mat for a long time will generate stimulation of the body. This means you will be best placed to relieve stress and anxiety.  You will be restoring a good night’s sleep to your lifestyle. To improve the effectiveness of the session, you may choose to meditate while you are using it.

By releasing endorphins and oxytocin, you will feel better. This means you will boost your overall moods. Just like meditation and yoga, you can achieve huge benefits from this practice.

Why you Need Lyapko

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