October 26, 2018

Many drugs and services that are offered to us a miracle cure for all diseases cause caution. Mistrust forces us to seek an explanation of the effect equal to magic and the ability to test the operation of a wonderful tool in our own experience. The therapeutic and prophylactic devices developed by the famous Nikolai Lyapko reflexotherapist provide an additional opportunity to improve health and quality of life. The indications for its use are many, but in a reckless pastime, you can skip the contraindications and get the opposite result.

What is an applicator and why is it shaped like a needle?

Chinese medicine, acupuncture, reflexology? All this was combined in known applicators. Going to the official site of the medical production company Lyapko, we will be convinced of the wide variety of products that the manufacturer offers for treatment and prevention, and we will know the basic rules of how to use it. On the other hand, the types of applicators have been developed, which are used in certain parts of the body and in case of high sensitivity of the skin.

If there is a question, how effective is the action of such applicators or masseurs, suffice it ti say that they were used 15 years ago in hospitals, medical institutions and in the Institute of reflexology Research in Ukraine and Russia, and then? In medical institutions abroad. Each needle massager provides an invaluable service for cervical and lumbar osteochondrosis, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal diseases, hormonal failures and dentistry. In addition, it can be applied not only to adults, but also to children, and this shows that harm is excluded.

Cautiousness may be caused by the fact that the applicator is needle-shaped, and the damage to the skin will suddenly be caused.

The developer and the manufacturer have foreseen that the massage device produces comfortable sensations, so that the rubber stops are located along its perimeter so that the needles do not exert an excessive influence. In addition, these needles are very useful in the form of metals necessary for the organism. The needles themselves are fixed on the surface of the rubber for medical purposes. The action of the applicator is similar to the action of reflexotherapy, and each carpet, plate or roller gives a double effect: acupuncture and massage.

We make an important decision

Can the application of the applicator be harmful? Immediately you need to know when you can not use the massage device and make sure there are no contraindications. You can not use the massager if you have:

  • neoplasms of any type;
  • exacerbation of thrombophlebitis;
  • infectious disease with fever;
  • severe exhaustion of the body;
  • damage to the skin at the site of possible contact with the applicator;
  • pathology, in which immunity can no longer withstand the disease.

To avoid the last stage, it is important to take measures in time so that these contraindications never appear.

The benefits of the Lyapko massager are enormous and are not limited to one or two diseases. These are:

  • 14 types of diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
  • 13 types of diseases of the nervous system;
  • multiple diseases of the heart and blood vessels, the respiratory and digestive organs, the endocrine system and the skin.

A massage mat or roller also has a positive effect when applied in obstetrics and in female diseases, in urology and dentistry.

Among these testimonies, there are those, when you cannot use a single massage device, but several. therefore, these adaptations are irreplaceable for osteochodrosis, scoliosis and flat feet, in cosmetology, to lose weight and eliminate cellulite. To obtain the desired result, it is important to use the desired types of applicator and make medical recommendations.

Types of applicators: versatility and characteristics

Popular applicators include rollers (large and front), plates of different sizes and needles, and each massage device is selected individually. For example, children and people with sensitive skin is the device recommended with the passage of needle 3, 5mm for adult patients up to 40 years of age can use the mat or a cushion with step 4, 9, 5, 6 mm, and after 40 years - 5, 6 mm, 6 or 7 mm. Plate or the front roller with a small step to work well with cervical osteochondrosis, help relieve the feeling of fatigue in the eyes after a lot of work on the computer.

When osteochodrosis can apply an applicator or pad Lyapko only step with needle 5, 8. It is believed that this is one of the best options to eliminate pain in cervical osteochodrosis, high and reduces pressure as Lyapko only applicator does not require additional effort. When cervical osteochodrosis it is also possible to use a large carpet, placing it on a roller in the area of the cervical spine, and thus be within 10-15 minutes, but if you want to have only a sedative effect, the mat must by in contact with the skin for at least 20 minutes.

For therapeutic and prophylactic purposes, which include reducing the appearance of cellulite and weight loss, the Lyapko Malysh applicator is also applied, but its name does not mean that this mat is suitable only for children. The name was corrected due to the size - from 35 to 80 mm. Apply the Lyapko Kid applicator, if necessary, urgently eliminate a heart attack or pain in the posterior area. It is also suitable for long-term use in chronic vascular and painful events.

Universally recognized size massage mat 120h470 mm or Lyapko quad applicator, as it can be applied to any area, so the use of this device is suitable for arthritis and osteoarthritis of the joints of the hands, to lose weight. Such a universal mat can be cut into two or four parts, if necessary to provide the action of several points, which is practiced in diseases of the spine.

People who are convinced of the benefits of treatment and the prophylactic adaptation of Lyapko are trying to provide themselves with more than one, but not one. Therefore, it is often applied to the universal facial applicator, which allows it to act in an area where there are small curves: in the neck, shoulder, lobes of the ears. Despite the fact that it is facial, women often use it in the area of thighs, calves and abdomen in the fight against cellulite.

Some tips to use

The methodical recommendations contain data on how long the procedure should continue, what points of the body and in what problem they are able to perceive the effect of the applicator. Thus, in the osteochondrosis of the lumbosacral that has to lie down on the mat for the site, and with the plate of good portability procedures placed on the back. The same recommendations apply to weight loss, but much depends on where the fat deposits are larger.

Slimming and anti-cellulite abdomen can lie on a carpet or belly belt use, but for a remarkable weight loss three types of devices are recommended: Health Magic Tape, rollers and versatile pharaoh massager. They are excellent to help in the fight against cellulite, because it activates the metabolism, improves the lymph and blood circulation, relieve edema, increase the firmness and elasticity of the tissues. The procedure begins with the treatment of the stop roller, and then we go to the extremities and to the back. When the phenomenon of cellulite affects the area of the roller back, for chopsticks, thighs, forearms and shoulders, the abdominal region and in the final stage of the diet procedure in these same sites used pharaoh massager.

The procedure is best done with an empty stomach, but in the presence of gastrointestinal tract disease: 2 hours after eating. The signs of the correct application of the massager and its effects are considered the appearance of vibration of light and a pleasant sensation of heat in the stomach area. The appearance of pleasant sensations must end with procedures for all diseases.

Lyapko applicators really benefit and many are recognized as irreplaceable. The question is, how many of these devices should be in the home kit? It is important not to forget a small pamphlet with guidelines.

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