absolutely!This amazing patented system is a technique developed by the famous Reflexologist Lyapko (Ukraine). Ours is the only system of its kind. THE ACUPUNCTURE NEEDLES DO NOT HURT! The tops are faceted so that they cannot hurt nor damage the skin in any way. They are made from metals such as zinc, copper, iron, nickel & silver - all essential for our wellbeing.

Before you start

Simple “do-it-yourself” instructions are available inside every product which defines the method of use. Keep a record of your body feel before and after every session. You can later analyze the treatment pattern according to your record and manipulate the use of Lyapko applicator accordingly.

Select the stimulation that you want and the kind of applicator accordingly.Follow the instructions for use that are available with every product. Just remember that by stimulating the nerve centers, the applicators help in restoring and normalizing both functions of the certain organs and body as a whole simultaneously.

Plate applicator:

Place the applicator under the back or troubled areas which include muscles, joints, chronic injuries, headache, and stressed muscles/body. Even if you feel nervousness because of high amounts of stress you can use the plate applicator.

Facial Roller:

Roll the applicator on your face gently if you want to rejuvenate your skin and feel young. It also releases facial stresses which allow the natural skin to dominate your facial regions.


It can be used to soothe any part of the body as it rejuvenates skin and releases stress especially in the back and leg region of the human body.

The therapeutic effect increases over time as your skin and body get accustomed to the kind of roller you decide upon.

The effect produced by the applicator-roller is equal to that produced by the applicator-plate, but the result is achieved much quicker. Besides, with the roller, you can reach any place of the body whereas the plate can focus flat areas like back and hips only. The roller may need a helper to apply whereas the plate doesn’t need any kind of help.i.

During your session

The applicator stimulates the skin receptors, points and reflex zones which restart the immune system which in turn helps in fast healing of the pain in the body. Owing to the potential difference between the metal needles the energy is redistributed in the body causing galvanic currents that help in skin rejuvenation and pain/stress reduction.

The applicator is not a magic wand that makes the pain go away. Science and logic dictate the course of pain and stress removal through empowering self-healing nature of the body due to massage of essential nerve centers of the nervous system.

The Pathogenic or stagnant energy is taken away from unused regions of the body and distributed in the areas where it is most needed. The inflamed place is edematic but when there is strong blood inflow it discharges, and pain disappears. At the same time, the weak place (if there are any dystrophic processes) gets a necessary charge of energy. Moreover, the applicator gives discreet signals to hypo-physis which then produce endorphins which are natural anesthetics (healing agents) of the body.

No, it is not. Moreover, applying the applicator, you mobilize all the protective powers of the body to fight against an illness, and you win. You should simply be attentive to your feelings, and to apply the applicator correctly. There must be pleasant sensations only.The roller will not hurt unless you press the needles on your skin in a hard manner.

If you apply the applicator correctly, there is no chance of harm or injury even if you apply for a longer period of time. However, you may feel a little tinge in the start, a feeling that goes away after the first few minutes. It is best to feel a soft sensation when you use it indicating that you are using the applicator correctly.

After your session

The applicator or mat can easily be cleaned with the help a simple detergent and running water. A hot dryer can be used later to remove any moisture from the applicator. Keep the dryer as close as possible to the metallic needles. However, if the product is used as a community tool (more than one person usage), it is recommended that a disinfectant is used.

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