The universal roller Acupressure device has been developed especially keeping in mind the needs of the modern professional. The fatigue factor along with chronic neck and back pains have become most common in the corporate sector. This acupressure roller allows easy massage of neck, back and any other body part that you require to massage. This amazing roller also helps in fighting cellulite condition easily (no more lumpy skin). Evenly distribute needles and a firm roller helps in relieving pain and smoothing out blood flow in important body parts.

Some of the advantages of this universal acupressure roller include:

  • Renewal of Vitality
  • Rejuvenation of Skin
  • Smoothing of areas affected by cellulite
  • Optimizes health
  • Removes fatigue and stress from the body
  • Enhances skin outlook
  • Safe for use for all ages

Material: Made from soft pliable rubber and 496 needles made from 5 different metals and a wooden handle

Ideal for a perfect session:The roller is 2.75 inches wide and has a diameter of 1.8 inches with all 496 needles spaced at 0.14 inches each.

How does it work?

When rolled on the affected area, acupressure is applied to the focal point of the nervous system that increases the healing effect through a surge of blood flow.

 Treatment duration Recommended

Health problem

 Treatment duration 

Sedative effect

10-15 mins

Relaxation, removal of chronic pain

15 - 30 minutes

Toning effect

5-7 minutes 


This amazing patented system is a technique developed by the famous Reflexologist Lyapko (Ukraine). Ours is the only system of its kind. THE ACUPUNCTURE NEEDLES DO NOT HURT! The tops are faceted so that they cannot hurt nor damage the skin in any way. They are made from metals such as zinc, copper, iron, nickel & silver - all essential for our well being.

Purchase this as a gift for any occasion. You are giving the gift of health. Go ahead - BUY IT NOW. this is a very popular product and stocks won't last long - Don't miss your chance!


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